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  • What are Your Booking and Cancellation Policies?
    BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT Due to the high demand for services, all scheduled appointments are required to be held with a Credit Card. By booking an appointment, you agree to our Cancellation and Salon Policies. CANCELLATION POLICIES The 24-Hour Cancellation Policy is in effect for every appointment, including COVID 19 related situations and same day emergencies. Your appointments are essential to us and reserved especially for you. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary and, therefore, only request 24 hours for cancellation and appointment changes. Clients who cancel or reschedule their appointments in under 24 hours will be charged 50% of their scheduled appointments and clients who do not contact the salon and do not arrive for their appointment will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. The cost of any missed appointments must be paid for before scheduling any additional appointments. Booking an appointment with us states that you agree to this policy. Late Cancellations: Clients who cancel or reschedule their appointments under in 24 hours will be charged 50% of their scheduled appointments. No Show Appointments: Clients who fail to arrive for their appointments without rescheduling or cancelling their appointments are considered as a “No-Show”. No Show clients who do not arrive for their appointment will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. Late Arrivals: If you arrive 15 minutes or later to your scheduled appointment time, you run the risk of your appointment being cancelled due to a lack of appropriate timing. If this takes place, there is a 50% Cancellation Fee for the missed appointment.
  • What Should I Do if I am Running Late?
    Please give us a call and let us know. If you arrive 15 minutes or later to your scheduled appointment time, you run the risk of your appointment being cancelled due to a lack of appropriate timing. If this takes place, there is a 50% Cancellation Fee for the missed appointment.
  • Can I Bring My Family and Friends?
    Due to the size of the salon and our limited space, we kindly ask that you do not bring additional friends and family members to your appointment. One parent per minor will be permitted when necessary.
  • Is There Parking?
    There are plenty of street parking options: METERED PARKING: There is metered parking on Washington Street. You can pay the meter with quarters or a credit card. There is also the Boston Meter app that will allow you to pay via smartphone. You cannot re-up your time via app, so you will need a second payment method. If you are mid service, one of the staff members will provide meter services for you. TWO HOUR VISITOR PARKING: There are 2 Hour Visitor Parking spots on all adjacent streets as well as Shawmut Ave. You will want to visit Worcester Square as an option as well. Getting a ticket in these spots can be a hit or a miss. THURSDAY STREET CLEANING: There is street cleaning on Thursdays which can result in your car being towed, so keep an eye out for which side your park on. You will find signs at the beginning of every block listing the applicable rules. You will also want to give yourself more time if you are scheduled on Thursdays. Parking can be tough. SATURDAY PARKING: The Visitor's Parking Two-hour limitation does not apply on Saturdays, however the meters are still running. We are happy to assist you with refilling your meter, but we are not responsible for any tickets, tow fees, etc.
  • How Should My Hair be Prepared for My Appointment?
    Please have your curls properly prepped when you arrive for your appointment. Think Day One hair. Wash, condition, and detangle your curls at home the night before your appointment. Style lightly with products that will enable us to see your definition and how your hair acts naturally. Wear your curls down and thoroughly dry. Curls in a ponytail, buns, braids, matted and tangled will result in an additional $25 Resetting Fee and any associated Detangling fees. This policy applies to Color appointments as well.
  • What Curl Patterns Do You Work With?
    We work with all curl types! Every stylist is skilled in every curl pattern regardless of their ethnicity, curl pattern or whatever else may be wrong or right with them. We work with every client of every curl pattern.
  • What is the Difference Between the Deva Cut and the Rezo Cut?
    A Deva Cut is mainly utilized when cutting curly or wavy hair. It differs from the conventional haircut because the hair is cut in its dry and natural state. This allows the stylist to see the TRUE length of the curls with a better insight and understanding of the long-lasting results that the client will sustain once maintaining their hair at home. (Basically, we don’t cut you wet, blow-dry you all fancy and then make you wonder, “what happened” a few days later when you style it yourself). A Rezo Cut is another curly cut with its foundation in the Deva techniques but will achieve things that a Deva Cut does not always achieve. The most notable being, the request of "More Volume, Keep the Length". The Rezo Cut is great for allowing curly girls to have additional volume while maintaining longer hair. When you arrive for your appointment, we will more than likely perform a combination of techniques to answer all of your needs and requests.
  • I Want Highlights. Which Ones Should I Choose?
    Full Pintura: Looking for even results from top to bottom? This is a Full Pintura. This will allow you to incorporate additional rich tones alongside your very own that will produce soft dimension as if it is your own color. Partial Pintura: Are you desiring a "sun - kissed" look right on top and framing your face? The lower half of the head is not included in the coloring process. This look is meant for those who are newer to getting color done or updating their Full Pintura. This gives a very natural amount dimension to the curls. We use the foundational coloring techniques of Pintura Highlighting, Balayage and RezoLites to create custom colors for every client. We paint this way because it allows more application freedom and we are able to individually identify which curls add more dimension to someone’s individual texture. Sometimes we use foil as well.
  • Is Color Damaging to My Curls?
    It can be if it is done incorrectly. We prefer not to do that. The last thing we want is for you to is leave with straight, blonde damaged hair. We pride ourselves on our role as caretakers of your curls. Our first goal for your hair is the integrity of your curls, then achieving the color you desire. If you have unrealistic expectations for what your curl's capabilities are, then we will let you know. We will set a map in place and begin charting the areas that we can travel and the areas that we can't. We will also put a color plan in place where we work towards achieving your goals safely. We will also review your pre services and post services needs, whether they involve frequent trims or at home masque treatments.
  • Are Curly Cuts Transferable to Straight Hair Styles?
    Because the Curly Haircut is a dry cut for your natural curl pattern, we do not guarantee that your hair will translate into a straight hairstyle. For the most part, your cut will run incredibly close. Please do not forget, you have different curl patterns all over your head that will read completely differently when it is in an altered state. How do you wear your hair 90% of the time? That is how you should get it cut.
  • I Don't Need a "Full Deva Cut". Can I Book a Trim Only?"
    The same personalized technique is used when cutting any amount off of your hair. Therefore, the appointment is always booked as a Curly Haircut and the pricing remains the same.
  • Can You Repair Damaged Hair?
    Unfortunately, depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes the only way to deal with damaged hair is to cut it off. However, we will come up with a Haircut Plan to gradually cut your damaged ends off at a pace that you are comfortable with while allowing us to see and manage the progress that your hair is making. We will do our best to encourage your natural pattern and provide education/ tips for at home care to help through your transition.
  • Do You Offer Any Styles Other Than a "Wash and Go"?"
    No, our stylist do not perform any twist-outs, protective styles, blowouts, or flat ironing following a Curly Haircut. We prefer to see the natural shape of the hair to ensure that we cut and shaped your curls appropriately. If we were to manipulate your curl pattern in the salon and then cut it, we would risk cutting too much hair off.
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