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So you made the decision to get the bangs. You’ve lived with them, loved them and now you’re over them. You want a longer, wispier side bang, but know that you’re going to need to survive the awkward stage where they’re too long to avoid, but too short to do anything with. There’s no getting around it, but together we can certainly try.

Here are a few simple steps to take when growing out your bangs to help get through the process without hating your hair!

1. Get regular bang trims. Even if your ends are just being freshened up, it’s important to keep your bangs healthy during the grow out stage. We may forgo you even losing any length at all to simply add some texture to your hair and reduce bulk as they grow out. Doing this will add a little “airiness” to your hair and keep them from looking flat. Don’t forget, we offer one bang trim in between each haircut to help you keep up with this transition. It’s a quick 15 minute session on us!

2. Train the Hair. Moving your part over to the right or left side consistently will help train your bangs to naturally move to the side bang you’ve been envisioning for yourself.

3. Product, product, product. The goal is to keep your growing fringe off your face and train your hair while maintain a natural hold and shape. Utilizing certain products such as a light clay, pomade, hairspray or spray wax will do just that. We suggest Evo’s Cassius Clay (Molding Clay), Evo’s She Bang-a-Bang (Spray Wax) or Evo’s Builder’s Paradise (Light Hairspray) to get the look you’re striving for.

Follow these tips to help grow out your fringe without hating every step and call us to book your Bang Maintenance appointments!


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